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Previous Exhibitions

The website of the House of Art was relaunched in April, 2016. Exhibitions before this date are listet here:

Selection of artists previously shown:

Petko Dourmana, Beate Engl, Andreas Fogarasi, Tom Früchtl, Tomoko Fuse, Dieter Jung, Alexander Hacke, Hartung & Trenz, Bjørn Melhus, David Schnell, Grazia Toderi, Annette Voigt, John Wood & Paul Harrison and many others


Previous Exhibitions

Cod.Act: Cycloïd-E, Schafhof 2017

Cod.Act: Cycloïd-E

25 August - 3 October, 2017: Cycloïd-E is a spectacular sound sculpture more than 10 m in diameter with a hypnotic effect. ...more information


Wo das Wort ist, Schafhof 2017 © Marco Einfeldt

Where the WORD is

1 July - 20 August, 2017:  The »word«, the language as basis of the civilization, in the most varied forms of artistic - as a sign, symbol, anagram, Braille and much more. ... more information


AIR Transfer > Oronsko Ausstellung Wechselspiel

INTERPLAY: Artist exchange Transfer > Orońsko / Polen

29 April - 18 June, 2017: The exhibition presents artistic positions from Poland and Upper Bavaria with artists who
took part in the artist exchange between the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko and Schafhof ‒ European House of Art Upper Bavaria in the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017. ... more information


Schafhof - Auftakt: Anne Pfeifer - Ceremony

PRELUDE: Anne Pfeifer

25 February- 23 April, 2017: The exhibition programme at Schafhof – European House of Art Upper Bavria starts with a double exhition called PRELUDE. Using a pared-down formal vocabulary in her kinetic sound installations, Pfeifer intelligently combines sound and motion with the help of electronic motors. ... more information


Schafhof Künstlerhaus - Ausstellung AUFTAKT: Rhythm Section - Christoph Dahlhausen: Stabilizing Light (Freising), 2017

PRELUDE: Rhythm Section

20 February - 17 April, 2017: The exhibition programme at Schafhof – European House of Art Upper Bavria starts with a double exhition called PRELUDE. The international artist group Rhythm Section presents a varied presentation with art works of different genres connected to the topic "rhythm in fine arts".  ... more information


Szenische Konstellationen

"Scenic Constellations - The Power of Images"

17 December 2016 - 12 February 2017: The exhibition is a cooperation between the Diözesanmuseums Freising and Schafhof - European House of Art Upper Bavaria. It presents Christian devotional images from various centuries together with modern abstract painting, exploring how these images emotionally move the viewer. ... more information


Exhibition: The Border is Open - Jeanno Gaussi: SOS

"The Border is Open..."

29 October - 27 November, 2016: Sculpture, photography and media art - German and European artists reflect on cross-border situations in politics, communication, digitalization, sensory perception, religion and robotics. ... more information


Tatjana Utz: Showtime 14


Painting, sculpture and installation: 27 August - 9 October, 2016 in the vault on the 1st floor 

Tatjana Uzt provides an inside-view into the world of travesty stars throughout her paintings and installations. She broaches the issue of gender roles and their social acceptability. ... More information


Eszter Szabó: Double Take


Painting and video animation: 27 August - 9 October, 2016 in the gallery on the ground floor

Eszter Szabó's works deal with ordinary details of everyday situations that are so familiar that they almost become invisible. Vulnerability, inertia, weariness, as well as unattainable desires to be perfect is a general theme that returns in her animated paintings.. ... More Information


Roland Fischer: Los Angeles Portraits L30 / Ausschnitt

Roland Fischer: IN YOUR FACE

25 June - 21 August, 2016: Exhibition in the gallery on the ground floor: 

Roland Fischer is an internationally renowned artist who is based in Munich. From 1980 onwards, Fischer became the first of the young German photographers to experiment with large-format portrait shots and developed his famous collective portraits, among other things. ... More Information


Schafhof Transfer Syrien - Hiba Alansare: Fegefeuer


21 - 27 June, 2016: Exhibition in the vault on the 1st floor and in the wood nearby Schafhof: Six artists from Syria and Upper Bavaria who took part in the artist-in-residence project Transfer > Syira present their work in an one-week exhibition. ...More Information


Schafhof - Ausstellung - Kutscher

Vollrad Kutscher: Cinemaczz

Vollrad Kutscher is considered to be one of the pioneers of media art in Germany. He created ten new portraits of his famous series of light objects "Leuchtende Vorbilder" (Shining Examples). His video "Kartoffelmovie" is presented in a new, site specific installation. ... More Information


Richard Thieler: Kino
© Marco Einfeldt 

Richard Thieler: Kino

Richard Thieler takes photographs of cinemas since 2009. His impressive images of the fassades of cinema buildings in the night are presented in light boxes. More Information

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