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Transfer > Budapest

The artist-in-residence project Transfer > Budapest takes place in the framework of the Europan Art Scholarship of the District County of Upper Bavaria. Partner of the co-operation is the municipal gallery in Budapest.

Date :

01.11.2017 until 08.04.2018

Transfer > Budapest


The goal of the European artists exchange of the District County of Upper Bavaria is to consolidate the cultural relations between European countries by a partnership and to enrich the regional as well as the upper bavarian cultural scene.

In framework of the artists exchange with the Budapest Gallery in November, 2017 one artist each from Hungary and from Upper Bavaria is living and working for one month in the respective partner country. In February, 2018 an exhibition introduces the participants of the exchange programme Transfer > Budapest and  Transfer > Rom. The artist exchange with Budapest is scheduled to take place regularly for several years.


Participating artists in 2017

  • Hungarian artist in Freising:
    Ádám Szabó
  • Artist from Upper Bavaria in Budapest:
    Angela Geisenhofer



  • November, 2017
    Stay of the artists in the respective partner country.
  • 19 November, 2017, 3 pm: KUNST#TAG 054 Open studios
    Presentation of the Hungarian and Italian guest artists, studio visit and artist talks
  • February-April, 2018: Exhibition
    Exhibition with works of all participating artist of the artist exchange projects Transfer > Budapest und Transfer > Rom in the Schafhof


The guest studio of the Budapest Gallery

Transfer Budapest - Bilder



Transfer Budapest - Bilder



Transfer Budapest - Bilder



Transfer Budapest - Bilder



Transfer Budapest - Bilder


(Die Bilder aus der Atelierwohnung können je nach dem zur Vefügung stehenden Atelier von der Situation vor Ort abweichen)


Schafhof AIR Flyer A4 Ikon

Short Overview on the AIR-Programme
(PDF, A4, 700 KB)

Schafhof AIR Flyer 8 pages Ikon

Flyer about the AIR-Programme 
(PDF, 8 pages, 2,5 MB)


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